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The Cursillo in Christianity is primarily a lay movement. It is an instrument of renewal by which Christianity can permeate, live and grow in today’s world. It proposes no new type of spirituality but a method through which one’s spirituality can be strengthened, lived and shared in all areas of one’s environment.

Upcoming Cursillo Weekends

Cursillo weekends are held at the Believer’s Together Center at Christ the King Parish, 3209 60th St., Moline, IL.

Men’s Cursillo: Postponed due to COVID-19

Women’s Cursillo: Postponed due to COVID-19

For further information or an application, please contact the Parish Office at 309-798-2098 or by email.

Cursillo Mission Statement

Having experienced the grace of God ourselves, we recognize our mission to bring others to an experience of God’s love and grace, thus, encouraging them to be leaders for Christ. Through strong team formation and through generous service by Cursillistas, we will offer the Cursillo process of renewal. We will strive to attract candidates who are potential leaders for Christ by a strong sponsorship program. Ultreyas and sponsor’s hour will serve to strengthen and encourage good sponsorship. Perseverance in our mission will be secured through involvement in the small group reunions and ultreyas.

Learn more about Cursillo here.