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RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Do you ever ask yourself what am I looking for in life? What is the meaning of my life? How can I be a better person? How can I come to know God’s love? How can I know the right path God has in store for me? If you are asking these questions, or questions like them, we may have the answers you are looking for.

The Second Vatican Council in 1965 restored the tradition of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults), of bringing people into the Catholic faith and helping baptized Catholics come into full communion with the Church by receiving the sacraments of Confirmation and/or Communion.

For those who join us on this journey of faith, the RCIA process it is a period of reflection, prayer, instruction, discernment and formation.

Our journey will include learning about the sacraments, the Saints, our Creed (what we believe and profess), how to pray regularly, the Church structure, what our Bishops and Popes write, social justice and how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. The journey begins each fall and weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in McCarthy Hall at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Rock Island. Members of St. Pius, St. Ambrose, St. Patrick in Andalusia, St. Mary’s in Rock Island and Sacred Heart in Rock Island all attend these RCIA sessions.

For more information, please contact Barb Roedel at 309-793-7373, ext. 214.

Questions on RCIA

What is RCIA?

RCIA is a journey for anyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and to become a member of the Catholic faith community.

Can anyone join RCIA?

These sessions are open to all who are curious about learning more about the Catholic faith, becoming a Catholic or are Catholic and have not been fully catechized in the Catholic faith or received all of your sacraments.

What is the cost of RCIA?

There is no cost to participate in RCIA.

When does the next session begin?

The next session begins in September.